In P&M Infrastructures we treat our investors as our friends and families. Investors or shop buyers generally want to know how they will get their returns on their investments.

Returns Model:

1. Lease Model

The owner can lease out the shop to national or regional retailer against which he will earn a continuous stream of rent from the tenant. The owner also benefits from capital appreciation (a rise in the value of the property over the period of time)

2. Running Retail Shop

Owning and running your own retail shop is a dream for many people. Retailing is one of the fastest-growing segments in Patna. Store retailers will be ensured for high business because of mall management which will regularly execute marketing plans and mall promotional techniques to attract a high volume of walk-in customers in the mall.

3. Franchise model

Shop owner can take a franchise of national retail chains in return they will get the right to use a well established brand name, product, concept and business plan. The shop owner will receive a proven business model from an established business and customers may already familiar with the brand. In this case most all of the risk associated with starting a retail business has been reduced.

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